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The Macias Law Firm Legal Consulting Services Division is focused on providing your company with prompt, reliable, high quality, and cost-effective support of your U.S. and international contracts and technology licensing transactions. Our firm has had extensive experience and a successful history of servicing technology-sector clients, including start-ups, mid-growth companies, and public companies.
  • Small Company Clients: For start-ups and smaller companies, our clients find our firm's services to be an ideal solution to help them keep on top of their contracts workloads. Companies of this size may not yet require a full-time legal or contracts resource but they, nonetheless, need a qualified "in house" legal resource to effectively review, draft, negotiate, and help them close the variety of contracts that are generated in the course of doing business. We handle the full spectrum of agreements, from NDAs, to Software Licenses, Development Agreements, OEM Agreements, Professional Services Agreements, Contractor Agreements, Supplier and Services Provider Agreements, and more.

  • Large Company Clients: For larger companies that already have contracts and legal resources in-house, our firm delivers an ideal interim solution targeted at providing outstanding legal and contracts coverage while a legal or contracts staff member is out on vacation, family or maternity leave, or transitioning into another job. We are also able to augment the client company's resources during those critical quarter-end periods, or to staff up for those special projects that require document review and analysis, and more.

Elizabeth V. Macias, Esq.

The Macias Law Firm Real Estate and Business Transaction and Employment Law Division is focused on matters pertaining to Real Estate Law, Mortgage Law, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Employment related matters, including Labor Law issues, HR compliance and administrative agency representation for small to medium size corporations, partnerships and solepropietors with employees.

The firm also offers a one stop solution to the Real Estate needs of its individual, corporate and small business clients, which includes, but is not limited to, drafting and negotiation Real Estate contracts and leases, advising clients on real estate investment matters, originating loans on residential, commercial and industrial transactions as well as handling Listings and negotiating the purchase and/or sale of commercial, residential and industrial Real Estate.

To discuss your legal and/or business needs with an experienced attorney, please email Mr. Macias at: ernest@maciaslaw.com. We look forward to talking with you.


Keep my clients well informed and teach them to practice preventative law and they will not only save money but will generate more income by directing their energies and time to more lucrative matters.



Ernest R. Macias, Esq.
For more information about Real Estate Brokerage please visit our website at: www.kellerwilliams.com/ernestmacias  

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